The Filipinos are known for being fond of Basketball. Young or old, they will be more than willing to join rather than watch other people playing. This observation goes mostly to the youth. They have learned to play by simply playing with their friends or through watching their idols on the television when it’s the PBA Season.

Because of this admiration to the youth, specifically the boys, CAVITEX, together with Metro Pacific Tollways, Tollways Management Corporation, One Meralco Foundation, Easytrip and Maynilad organized and implemented Basketboys which already started 2015.  Basketboys aims to further strengthen the advocacy of CAVITEX as a CSR-oriented company and to build stronger relationships with the barangays surrounding the vicinity. The barangays that have been participating in Basketboys are as follows: Barangay Pulang Lupa, Barangay Don Galo, Barangay Zapote 5, Barangay Daniel Fajardo, Barangay San Dionisio, Barangay Aplaya and Sangley Pointe.

It was last April 25, 2016 when the opening of the Basketboys 2016 was held at Airforce Gym, Sangley Point, Cavite. Over 10 CAVITEX volunteers joined the ceremony. The CAVITEX Head of Operations, Mr. Nicolas G. Manalo, delivered the opening remarks followed by The Philippine Armed Forces representatives __________ __________, to welcome the young people and wish the teams the best of luck. It was Coach Jojo Lastimosa of the NLEX Road Warriors who welcomed the teams to the Basketball clinic when the opening ceremonies ended.

Coach Jojo have started to divide the boys into their respective barangays to begin the training which lasted about an hour. Each barangay was headed by one NLEX Road Warriors player. During the training, everyone was so excited and thrilled to be trained by one their idols, which was only once a dream, now a reality for some.

The first official game was last April 26, 2016. The representatives of the Philippine Armed Forces showed their support by providing referees and moderators throughout each games held in different barangays. After each game, snacks and drinks were provided for all players. But what truly made some of the players pumped up was their families and friends. It was such a delight to see some parents and friends had cheered for their respective teams. Even until the Championship game which was held last May 26, 2016.

The championship game was held at the Airforce Gym, Sangley Point, where the opening ceremonies took place as well. The overall champion for the Basketboys was from Barangay Don Galo. For the second place, Barangay Pulang Lupa; third place, Barangay Daniel Fajardo; and for the fourth place, Barangay San Dionisio. The Sportsmanship Award was given to Barangay Aplaya.

All of the players that participated in Basketboys felt very privileged during the event. They were not only trained by one of the teams of the Philippine Basketball Association, but they were able to have fun with their friends and able to make new friends as well.

Through this activity, the boys knew the very essence of what it takes to be a true winner: it’s not always about winning, it’s about giving all your best for your team.

CAVITEX together with the Philippine Armed Forces made this event happen to instill in the minds of the young boys that what matters most in playing sports is doing your best when you play, rather than winning the game. This is also organized and accomplished with the goal to bolster relationships with the surrounding villages in the vicinity.


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