A destination known for its white beaches and scenic dive spots is now a destination for groups to conduct underwater and coastal cleanup. Due to various bad environmental practices – may it be from locals or tourists – places like Puerto Galera is starting to become a hotspot where loss of flora and fauna is critical.

Last June 1st, MPTC headed by MPTSouth responded to the call of Metro Pacific Investments Foundation to join them in their annual underwater and coastal cleanup event – Shore It Up. For it’s 10th year, MPIC Foundation together with its partners went to Puerto Galera to help the locals in conducting cleanup may it be underwater or along the shorelines.

MPTC Team with Metro Pacific Investments Foundation President, Ms. Melody M. Del Rosario (Middle)

Present from the MPTS Team are Mhanny Agusto and Leslie Saulog from Communication and Stakeholder Management (CSM) and Kim Russel Patio from Tollways Development and Engineering (TDE). With them are the representatives from MPTC (Katherine Ignacio, Dyona Bachini), NLEX (Ford Bogas, Julius Gatchalian, Alan Carino) and CCLEC (Jasmin Suma-oy, Princess Felicitas).

During the cleanup, the volunteers were able to retrieve plastic and glass bottles, broken fishing nets and gears, clothes, and even unusual items such as a child’s bike, blankets, and vehicle tires. At a glance, you wouldn’t think that these trashes are creeping beneath the surface of the Puerto Galera’s crystal clear waters.

Being situated in a coastal area, we from CAVITEX are greatly aware of the state of pollution we have on our seas and the amount of trash that we’re getting every time we conduct cleanup projects like this. Shore It Up’s main objective is to use the power of Community Participation in making a difference and spark change in people’s environmental practices. Through the active participation of different individuals towards a common goal, it shows that there is still hope. 

What can we do to help?

  • Refuse single use plastics. Majority of it end up in our oceans as trash;
  • Be a responsible tourist wherever you may go. As the saying goes, leave nothing but footprints!
  • Be a fan of using reusable beverage containers and bring it everywhere you go. Don’t be ashamed of it! Shame on those who buy PET bottles and throw them everywhere as if the world is their trashcan;
  • Actively participate in cleanup events, may it be spearheaded by your company, your local community or even your friends. Better yet – initiate one!

How can we help you?

Toll Fee Matrix

Paranaque Toll PlazaKawit Toll PlazaMerville Toll PlazaTaguig Toll Plaza
CLASS 135.0073.0035.0035.00
CLASS 270.00146.0069.0069.00
CLASS 3104.00219.00104.00104.00