Last April 7, 2018, MPTSouth held its first Medical Mission at Brgy. Sto. Nino in Paranaque City. The activity was spearheaded by the Community Relations (ComRel) team under the Communication and Stakeholder Management department (CSM). Through CSM, a volunteer group was created and the group is now called V.E.S.T. – Volunteer Employees of South Tollways.   V.E.S.T. is composed of volunteers from different departments of MPTSouth. Departments from the Office of the President, Right-of-Way, Tollway Development and Engineering, Human Resources and Security Operations, with a total of 25 V.E.S.T. Volunteers, have gathered to make the medical mission a success.

Through partnership with the Philippine Navy, The 7th Marine Brigade and The Las Pinas Medical Society, different kinds of medical services were provided through volunteerism of their doctors, marines and officers.

A total of 36 navy volunteers from the Philippine Navy and 13 marine volunteers from  the 7th Marine Brigade worked together to circumcise 42 young boys.

The 7th Marine Brigade provided dental services and a total of 59 patients were diagnosed and had actual extractions.

A total of 11 volunteer doctors and nurses from the Las Pinas Medical Society provided a General Check-up for all women, men and children. A total of 165 patients were served.

Through the volunteerism of the V.E.S.T. volunteers of  MPTSouth and partners:  Philippine Navy, 7th Marine Brigade and the Las Pinas Medical Society,  a total  266 patients from Brgy. Sto. Nino were given medical assistance and attention.



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